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Business Continuity Skills Audit

You’ve been sent this survey so that we can work to redeploy colleagues to service areas in need.

Please make sure you take time to complete this survey, and make sure your colleagues have also completed it. 
Once we’ve received your completed survey, we’ll match your skills and experience to the areas where there is the most need – provided you’re not in self-isolation or considered ‘vulnerable’.

This isn’t a test – there are no right or wrong answers, we just need you to be as honest as possible so we can keep our life-saving services going.  If you have an example that you feel will further describe your skill level, then please note it in the spaces for comments. 

Please note that any colleagues who are temporarily redeployed will receive appropriate training and equipment. 
Everyone will be required to step in and do their bit to support key services and the people of Derby during this difficult time, and we truly thank you for your help.
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